Introduction- Meet Lisa!


Who are you?

Hello there! My name is Lisa Batten, I was born and raised in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. I have a PhD in psychology and before becoming a personal trainer I worked as an ABA therapist for autistic children, a neuropsychometrist, and a researcher in pharmaceutical research for mood disorders. I also dabble in copywriting, comedy writing, and art! Personal training has allowed me to combine two things I'm passionate about- helping people and working out. 


What makes you a good personal trainer?

Other than my passion for science, I think my greatest attribute is that I understand the struggle with being overweight and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. I was an obese child and began my lifelong series of diets at the age of 9. I tried every fad diet under the sun, took diet pills of all kinds, starved myself, and even developed full blown bulimia for a few years. No matter what I did or how I looked I always felt fat and I hated my reflection. It wasn't until I discovered weightlifting that things began to change for me. It wasn't overnight and it took an incredible amount of work but nothing has ever come close to the emotional rewards I've reaped with this lifestyle. Along with the changes in my physical appearance, my mind has found new peace and strength because I have learned to love myself and I have learned to honor my body and feel proud of my hand work. As a personal trainer, I want to show other people that they aren't trapped in a cycle of failed diets and self-hate. I want to teach people how to work toward results that lead to both physical and mental health. I sincerely want to help people change their lives and experience the mental freedom that comes with it. 


What is your athletic background?

As a teenager I dominated the badminton court, then played competitive volleyball and rugby. As an adult I was a competitive kickboxer and MMA fighter, before transitioning into bodybuilding. I started bodybuilding because I wanted to grow a butt and lose weight but eventually I became hooked on just lifting. I have done some powerlifting and more recently have focused on crossfit training. Other than the gym I also enjoy biking, surfing, and hiking. 


What types of clients do you train?

I am open to clients from all backgrounds. My specializations include working with people with metabolic problems, eating difficulties, and lifelong dieters looking for freedom. I also love working with women who want to feel stronger and gain muscle, that gets me really fired up!

Why do people need a personal trainer?

There is so much to learn with weightlifting and it can be incredibly hard to unlearn bad habits. Getting guidance early on can prevent a load of heartache (or backache) down the road. Buff Buds Fitness also specializes in working on mental health. As we all know, your brain is your control center and usually the missing piece of the puzzle for people who try to get fit and fail. Hiring professionals saves you from making a lot of mistakes, keeps you accountable to forming your new habits, and offers you tools you wouldn't otherwise gain on your own. 


Any final remarks?

Yeah, I want everyone to know we are also here to have a lot of fun, so don't be intimidated and feel free to reach out if you have any questions for us!





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