Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

why hire a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Taking your health into your own hands is an investment that will continue to benefit you throughout your life. Here at Buff Buds Fitness, we also make sure to incorporate mental health into the equation, so you'll even have the option to get some counselling to address and overcome some of the problems in your life that have kept you from reaching your goals. Here are some of the top reasons why hiring a personal trainer may be the best decision you'll ever make!

1. Accountability

Research has shown us over and over again that adherence to nutrition and exercise plans is increased dramatically when there is a source of accountability. Hiring a personal trainer ticks all of the boxes because you will be investing in your program and you will be held accountable for checks ins with your trainer. The relationship you build with your trainer therefore automatically increases the chances that you'll stick to your program. 

2. Customized Training

Anyone can download a cookie cutter program from the internet but without the proper experience and knowledge you may end up wasting time, energy, or even injuring yourself. Personal trainers gather information about your health, previous physical activity, current physical state, and goals in order to customize a plan for you. Everyone is very different and that's why no one fitness or nutrition plan is ideal for every person. 

3. Avoid Common Mistakes and Injuries

Injuries are a common part of all physical activity but many of them can be avoided. A lot of people starting new exercise programs without supervision injure themselves and this causes them to become discouraged and even give up the program. Another common issue that can have long term consequences is performing exercises incorrectly. This can lead to muscle compensations which can be extremely difficult to reverse and also put you at higher risk for injuries. Hiring a trainer means that you will work together to fix any imbalances, learn proper technique, and begin training at a pace that challenges you while putting your health first. 


4. Confidence

Beginning a fitness plan is intimidating. The gym itself can be extremely intimidating. Hiring a personal trainer is extremely helpful for these problems because they are at your disposal to guide you through any problems or insecurities you may have. Whether it's questions about gym etiquette, setting up machines, using lifting equipment, or questions about food and habits, your personal trainer can be your source of information and confidence-boosting encouragement. We too were beginners once but we have spent countless hours building up our expertise in the gym and we want nothing more than to share our passion for health and fitness with others. 

5. Overcome Mental Hurdles

Losing weight and making lifestyle changes is complicated and difficult. That's why around 80% of people who lose weight tend to gain it all or more back. Rewiring your thinking is one of the most essential things you can do in order to maintain your new lifestyle. Lisa has a PhD in Psychology and has been trained in various forms of therapy which has given her a tool kit she can share with you to help you finally overcome the mental hurdles that have kept you from reaching your goals. At Buff Buds Fitness we understand that prescribing a workout program without addressing the habits and thoughts that can impede success is oftentimes a recipe for failure. We offer a holistic approach where we can build your brain power along with your muscles. Sometimes it's time to say enough is enough and finally reach out for help to achieve those goals. 


These are just a few reasons why hiring a trainer is helpful and can be absolutely essential to improve your quality of life, health, and physical appearance. We don't believe that fitness should be dramatic weight loss over short periods of time, we are interested in teaching you how to change your life and begin living the healthy life you deserve. We also hope that you'll find joy and explore the way weightlifting and exercise can absolutely change your life. Reach out today for a free consultation or drop us an email to find out more about our training programs! 


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