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Leon Zgonjanin and Lisa Batten are a husband and wife team based out of Canada. She is originally from Newfoundland and he's from Serbia, which makes them possibly the world's first Serbo-Newfie couple. They have both undergone their own incredible body transformations, Leon from skinny kid to swoleville, and Lisa from fat kid to thicc town. Now they are ready to share their lives, knowledge, and adventures with you!


Lisa Batten, PhD, NASM-CPT

Lisa has a PhD in psychology, over 10 years experience in clinical work and pharmaceutical research, and most recently has worked as a consultant and comedy and copywriter. After competing in kickboxing and MMA she discovered a love for weightlifting and along the way truly learned to love her dang self. She's pumped to share her passions with you and test all the things on herself along the way!

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Leon Zgonjanin, BA, NASM-CPT

Leon Zgonjanin has a degree in History and will gladly talk to you for a long time about old things! After working in Ecommerce for nearly 5 years he decided to switch things up and began his pursuit of a career in fitness. Leon played competitive hockey and soccer before dedicating his body primarily to the gains. He's very passionate about lifting and wants to see you all gain muscles.

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