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12 week intensive fitness program for intermediate to advanced lifters. The program is progressive in nature and pushes both endurance and strength over a 12 weeks period. There will be focus on building all of the core lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) as well as accessory lifts and a particular focus on growing legs. The program, begins with push, pull, and legs as well as an active rest day with ab routine. It then advances to adding another glute focused leg day. This program is best suited to people with some lifting experience who want to commit to transforming their bodies over 12 weeks and is especially suited for people who wanna get some sweet sweet gams. 

Sets and Reps are designed to optimize hypertrophy and endurance, resulting in greater overall strength and muscle gain. There is also an addition of cardio which will enhance fat burning over the course of the program.

The purchase of this program includes your advanced 12 week programming providing week by week training guides, fillable forms with charts that track your progress, instructions and tips, and email support from the Buff Buds team. 

After purchase you will immediately receive a pdf of the program that contains a link to your interactive worksheets that you can download and update. 

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