Absolute Beginner Program
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12 week program designed for people who have never gone to the gym before but want to lift weights. The highlight of the program is it's simplicity, it guides you through the essential exercises and helps you to establish a routine that you'll be able to easily remember after a couple of weeks. This take sa lot of the anxiety out of beginning a program! 

The sets and reps are designed in a manner that helps you establish a strong base and also induces hypertrophy and strength gains. The focus will be on learning all of the essential lifts with a full-body routine 3 days a week. As the weeks go by there will be more cardio and ab work added to this. 

This routine will help anyone overcome the anxiety of beginning a program and by the end of the 12 weeks you'll feel confident jumping into something a little more complex. 

We all need to begin somewhere and this program ensures you'll gain confidence in the gym as well as watch your body begin to transform. 

The package includes a pdf that outlines the entire program with a link to an interactive spreadsheet that includes measurement and weight tracking, week by week detailed outline with tracking, detailed warm-up and cool down information, gym etiquette guide, and substitutions for exercises that you can do when equipment is limited or you want to mix things up!

As with all of our programs we are available for email support if you have any questions. 

After purchase you will immediately receive a pdf of the program that contains a link to your interactive worksheets that you can download and update. 



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